Free-standing bathtubs for small bathrooms

In a block of flats or even in a modern apartment building, bathroom space is rather limited. Is installing a shower in such case the only solution we’ve got? 

Free-standing bathtubs are on the rise. Their modern forms look simply great. Even a little free space around the bathtub provides lightness to the design. A slight offset from the wall makes your bathroom look like a bathing room. They can be placed diagonally, improving the proportions of the interior, in an unusual niche or even near a sharp corner, which is hardly possible in case of wall-mounted bathtubs. How to choose the right free-standing bathtub model to accommodate a small bathroom, though?

The question is, of course, its length. Small baths include those that do not exceed 160 cm in length. But a common mistake is to solely focus on their external dimension. When choosing your bathtub, it is worth paying attention to the length of its bottom. With small models – the longer it is, the better. Such bathtub provides comfort during bathing. Even though the bathtub fits the space, its shallow bottom forces us to bathe in a position that is far from comfortable. In case of two FJORDD models – BOLSTAD with an overall length of 150 cm, and SALMA with a length of 155 cm – the bottom measures 110 cm. This is enough to fit two persons at the same time. With slightly bent legs, it’s the optimal position for the human body for having a soak, and 110 cm along the bottom is already the perfect size for children bathing together. 

Width. The small size across the width of a freestanding bathtub for a small bathroom is its obvious advantage. We simply want it to fit. But there’s also an ergonomic aspect to consider. If the bathtub is too wide, it is difficult to talk about it being comfortable. Being able to rest our arms when our body is relatively close to its sides stabilises our position. Walls surrounding our body guarantee genuine relaxation, and our muscles do not have to "work" intensively to maintain balance in the water. Let's also take a look at the shape of the narrower sides. If they are too "sharp" or too narrow, you simply won't fit in. In case of BOLSTAD and SALMA, they both are wide enough to fit an adult. This means that two of you can sit comfortably opposite each other. 

Another issue which is overlooked by all considering a new bathtub purchase is the location of the drain. The fact is it should be located in the middle of the bathtub. This is the case with all FJORDD models, including the smaller types. Such solution gets convenient when there are two of you in the bathtub, as no one will spend long relaxing moments sitting on the drain. 

Therefore, a free-standing bathtub is an offering not only for those who own a large bathroom. If you have a smaller one, all you need to do is to choose a versatile model in terms of design, such as BOLSTAD and SALMA. Only then your bathroom stands a chance to become a home SPA, a small bathing room. If you want to learn how to arrange a small bathroom space for it to be beautiful and functional at the same time, have a look at our short guide covering the subject