What makes FJORDD so distinctive? A well-engineered design!

For a long time, we had been wondering about our competitive edge in terms of bathroom equipment. Beautiful design is something that many producers are able to offer, hence we wanted to go one step further. We then asked ourselves the most important question – are the bathtubs available on the market really comfortable? 

It turned out that they were not! Some were too long, or too narrow. It is difficult to find comfort when the bathtub restricts your moves. Others, on the other hand, were too long to give ergonomic support to your legs, making it quite difficult to fully relax. 

And what we wanted to create was a bathtub that would adapt best to the built of a contemporary man. One that feels ‘just right.’ We have achieved this goal with the models of ours. Bathtubs by Fjordd exhibit ideal proportions and allow you to sit in them in the best possible position, i.e., with your legs slightly bent. The opposite sides of the bathtubs have the optimum angle of support – they have been formed in a way that ensures a comfortable bathing position, even for the two of you. An experienced designer is responsible for their final form, allowing each model to deliver comfort during home treatments and relaxation sessions.