How to decorate a small bathroom?

The way as old as time
For centuries mirrors have been used in interiors to create an illusion of space. In a bathroom of smaller size replace your framed mirror above the washbasin with a large one, covering the entire width of the wall, reaching up to the ceiling. If such option is out of the question, think whether to cover selected fronts of the built-ins or cabinets with a mirror, or at least with tempered glass. This will make the space feel lighter, bearing in mind every glass element reflects light and brightens up the interior.

Colour to help
Avoid dark hues in small, narrow, cramped interiors. Even if anthracite or black is one of your favourite colours, proceed with caution when applying them in a small bathroom. It does not mean you necessarily have to opt for white, but you should definitely consider one of the lighter tones – all greys, beiges, light pastels will make a perfect match. If you wish to introduce slightly bolder colours, think of them as a complement, an addition to the whole. Excess of colours is not an option for small spaces, either – it’s where bold statements matter the most. Bathroom decorated with the use of one hue may seem boring or bland, therefore choose a light colour as the main one, and a darker one to enliven the arrangement.

Smooth surfaces
Every protruding shelf, cupboard, handle, or hanger makes the arrangement feel overloaded. In a small bathroom, it's best to opt for bespoke built-in solutions – from the floor, up to the ceiling, whenever possible. Additionally, such solution may help level out potential disadvantages of an arrangement plan as they will hide incommodious sloping ceiling, while using small recesses for storage. It is important for a small bathroom to have the most akin surfaces possible.

Light, and more light!
It goes without saying that a small bathroom must be illuminated in a proper way. Let's split lighting options into 3 types – main (top) lighting, mirror lighting and bathing area lighting. With lighting designed in such manner, every part of the bathroom will be adequately illuminated. In addition, it will allow you to create a proper mood for relaxing in a bathtub.

Last but not least – the equipment
We often fall into the stereotype that when it comes to a small bathroom, the bathtub must be stacked in the corner. Nothing could be further from the truth. By choosing BOLSTAD – a compact, free-standing model by FJORDD, you’ll still have some space around the bathtub which you would never use otherwise. By moving the bathtub slightly away from the wall, you gain space and make the bathroom look lighter, making the arrangement resemble a bathing lounge. It is worth considering a wall-mounted model, such as RAMSA, or countertop options. In a well-planned bathroom, you can place such model on a specially designed shelf or a flat hanging cabinet with a shallow drawer. Free space remains underneath it. The same goes for the toilet – opt for a wall-mounted model which will not overload the interior.