Dark colours in the bathroom?

Dark colors are beautiful to many people. However, they fear this type of color when arranging a bathroom. After all, it is common to think that white, beige, and pastel colors must reign in this most intimate space of the house. Is it so?

Darker colors help to create interiors with an intimate but slightly luxurious atmosphere. They can make even small spaces look more elegant. Contrary to popular belief, graphite, intense gray, or even black does not have to make the room optically smaller. If we want to abandon safe, bright colors, we only need to learn how to use them properly.

The art of connecting
When arranging a bathroom interior in a dark tone, the art lies in combining intense, deep colors with suitable materials and objects. What to do when we decide on a monochrome arrangement?

Let's use elements made of glass to make it more dynamic and illuminate it. A huge mirror with a decorative frame will be perfect. Such a glass surface is worth highlighting. Let's focus on a mirror integrated with lighting; if this is not possible, consider installing additional lamps. These can be standing lamps in living rooms or even bedside lamps for the bedroom. Dimmed light will bring an ambient mood to the interior - it will create the right atmosphere when we decide to take an evening relaxing bath in the bathtub for two.

Glass is not just mirrors. Contemporary glass blocks are extremely carefully made and often resemble crystal in appearance. Therefore, they are perfect for partitions when we want to separate individual parts of the bathroom functionally. If you don't like them too much or the limited space does not allow you to build a thicker wall, let's look for opaque glass. Today we have a whole range of exciting textures and finishes to choose from. And in this case, let's remember about the light. Mounting LEDs with warm colors or appropriate lamps is a bull's-eye and an idea for design success.

Various finishes
Another idea for a bathroom in dark colors is to play with textures. When we decide on one leading color, let each piece of equipment have a different finish. If we have a bathtub and a washbasin, for example, in a very fashionable mat (see that the Colors by Fjordd palette has more than just classic white), let's add glossy furniture and paint the walls with satin paint, which has only a delicate gloss. Surface textures selected on the principle of opposites will help to avoid the impression of overwhelming the interior. At the same time, we will not commit a color faux pas either.

Like no other, dark colors bring a sophisticated atmosphere to the interior. Their undoubted advantage is their timelessness. Like in fashion, the little black dress never goes out of style in interior design. So if you belong to the group of supporters of intense colors, nothing stands in the way of them also appearing in the bathroom.