Hot bath. Relaxation, health, and regeneration.

A hot bath is primarily a time of relaxation. However, such a bath can bring more than pleasure, but also has specific health benefits. A hot bath is often the only dream after a hard day at work. Warm water has a relaxing and relaxing effect on the body, relaxes muscles, relieves pain and tension, and soothes nerves. First of all, it improves mood.

A warm bath is also one of the best-proven ways for soreness. It's perfect after a hard workout. It helps to regenerate the body. A hot bath for soreness works like a compress for sore muscles. It brings immediate relief thanks to the fact that it allows you to relax the muscles. Warm water also improves circulation, which in turn translates into the acceleration of cellular metabolism.

But that's not all, because, in this particular gray and cold period, hot baths help in the fight against seasonal viruses, and as you know, viruses do not like high temperatures. Therefore, when we feel a disease is developing in our body, it is worth taking a hot bath, which will mobilize the immune system. However, in the pre-disease state, let's take care of relaxing after a bath. A blanket and your favorite book will be perfect for this purpose. Let's not go outside so as not to cool the body.

In any case, be it for relaxation or health, a variety of bath salts and herbs will be the perfect addition. Significantly various herbs can help in the prevention of the respiratory system. They will help us even more in achieving the desired goal.