Welcome to our home bay of relaxation

Our homes are changing along with our lifestyle. More than ever before, we want them to be a place that promotes a deeper sensory experience, where we can relax and break away from everyday routine. You’ll find it all in the bathroom. With this in mind, FJORDD came into being. 

Our brand was inspired by the majestic beauty of the Norwegian fjords. What fascinated us was the eternal connection and interplay of the two elements – soothing water and indestructible rocks. This inspired us to use – in the process of production of our bathtubs and washbasins – mainly the material of dolomite rock. Such choice makes their design full of harmony, peace and relaxation. We believe that this feeling of freedom, space and nature you are able to create at home – together with us. 

Our six complementary collections are our debut. To learn more about them, click here. Boasting original design, we want bathtubs and washbasins that are manufactured in Poland to appeal to those who dream of having a home SPA. 
Wait no more, call at the home bay of relaxation with us!