Biophilic design bathroom

Biophilic design is a real hit of the last seasons. It is a way of arranging the surroundings to restore our bond with nature. It will also work great in the bathroom.

Love for life
We know that one of the best ways to calm down is to go hiking in the woods. Anyone who has discovered the benefits of meditation will most likely choose an empty beach at sunrise for her session. We intuitively feel that regular contact with nature has a beneficial effect on us. And it is this soothing power of nature that is introduced to interiors by designing in the spirit of biophilic design. The name of this fashionable trend today comes from the term "biophilia" coined by Erich Fromm. The term from the 1970s means nothing more than "love of life". Following in the footsteps of the famous psychologist, Professor Stephen R. Kellert of Yale proposed the idea of "biophilic design". Designing, the aim of which is to introduce elements related to nature into the interiors and restore our emotional balance. By biophilic design, you can also design a bathroom. We suggest how to do it.

After years of oblivion, plants are coming back indoors. But let's forget about the lonely yucca standing on the window sill. There should be a lot of flowers in the biophilic bathroom. The more there are, the better. Large or small, hanging from flowerbeds mounted under the ceiling and climbing bamboo ladders. You don't have to limit yourself. In the bathroom, which is so often damp and warm, we can create mini jungles. If there is not much space for flower pots, or only a little natural light enters the room, let's think about floral motifs on ceramic tiles or waterproof wallpapers.

In biophilic design, we focus on natural materials. Of course, the first choice should be wood. Wood paneling has recently made a comeback. But now it has a more rustic edge. It is far from the high gloss popular in the 80s. NO! Today you have to focus on the rawest finishes. Knots, rings, and rough surfaces are the greatest assets that should be carefully emphasized when using wood. Rattan and wicker go well with it. Therefore, garden furniture can find its place in the bathroom.

In nature, it is difficult to find a right angle. Its creator is man, so he is far from natural. Biophilic design should therefore be dominated by soft, organic shapes. Of course, it will be difficult for us to arrange a bathroom like the interiors created by Gaudi. However, nothing stands in the way of decorating shells brought from distant travels or even beautiful pebbles from the Baltic Sea. Let's also give up things made of artificial materials. Let delicate linen or noble cotton in eco shades replace nylon. And in place of plastic containers, there will be glass jars and jars with cork lids.

Designers creating in the biophilic design trend closely observe nature. They draw their inspiration from it, also the color. In the world of a raw, but also majestic Scandinavian environment, our designers found inspiration to create their own set of Colors By Fjordd. Sno, Vanad, Skala, Royk, Mjosa, Slud, Kjerag, Bunes, Olivin - all the names and unique shades in which we offer our bathtubs, washbasins, and shower trays will help to introduce the spirit of biophilic design to the interior. Original colors help to individualize the interior. After all, only a bathroom, which we give our unique features, can become a real home SPA.