Pros and cons of free-standing bathtub. What do you gain by having a free-standing bathtub?

Pros and cons of free-standing bathtub 

What do you gain by having a free-standing bathtub? 

Undoubtedly, a free-standing bathtub looks the best. It feels modern and stylish. Therefore, such solution has numerous supporters. Free-standing bathtub is the central element of your bathroom; it is the focus of attention, and it is where you indulge in our daily beauty routines. The advantage of this type of model are the shapes that have been designed in an interesting manner – you can easily choose at least one that will appeal to your taste. At the same time, it is worth dispelling the myth that free-standing bathtubs are intended for large bathrooms only. In reality, everything depends on the size of the room. Small FJORDD models, such as BOLSTAD (150 cm in length) or SENJA (160 cm in length), have been designed with small rooms in mind.  

When designing your bathroom, free-standing models also give you much more freedom. Do you imagine your bathtub to stand in the middle of the bathing room or next to a window, placed diagonally or maybe in less typical recess? There are numerous possibilities, although – at the design stage – water connection and drainage present certain limitation which should be taken into account. 

Free-standing bathtubs allow a slightly different approach to the selection of mixers. They are best accompanied by free-standing models. You’d want to choose a type which, apart from a spout, also has a shower handset, so that you can rinse off at the end of a bath.  And if the bathtub is placed in close vicinity to a regular or low wall, then you can be tempted to choose a concealed mixer.

There is also another argument in favour of a free-standing bathtub. A fashionable solution is to install it… right in the bedroom. Joining and intertwining rooms, infusing them with a hybrid character, is gaining more and more supporters. This solution has been adopted in our houses straight from boutique hotels. It is ideal for relaxation, for there is nothing that get us ready for a great night’s sleep better than a hot bath. 

What are disadvantages of free-standing bathtubs, if there are any at all? 

A certain inconvenience they present may be difficulty in arranging a place for a shower. In such case, it might be troublesome to install a glass bathtub screen. However, a circular or elliptical curtain placed on a ceiling curtain rod may fix the issue. It is important that when the curtain is closed, it surrounds your body and the water flows down it straight to the bathtub. In larger bathrooms, it is also a standard solution to introduce a separate shower, which you can use when your time is limited. 

The question that remains to be answered is whether it is worth betting on a free-standing bathtub at all. And our answer is: it sure is! The possibility of arranging a bathroom in a less standard way and creating a home spa, even you have only small space available, is the most important argument for placing the bathtub off of the wall.