What are our bathtubs made of?

We want our bathroom as a home spa to be beautiful, yet practical. It is crucial that it could be easily cleaned and that proper hygiene can be ensured. Durability is decisive, too. After all, when we furnish our bathroom we want it to last for long years to come. At the same time, we hope all the fixtures and fittings would stay in pristine condition for a maximum period of time. 

The answer to those expectations come in the form the AQUASTONE® stone composite used for manufacturing of our models. It consists of two-thirds of powdered dolomite rock – a truly natural material. That constitutes its unquestionable advantage. Unlike ceramics or steel, this composite is warm to the touch, and the water poured into a bathtub made of it stays warm longer. We like to touch it ourselves. Not only because we treat it like our own child, but – above all –it’s because it is extremely pleasant to the touch and has a nice, velvety texture. When you touch an AQUASTONE® bathtub or washbasin yourself, you will certainly feel its extraordinary smoothness. This is what makes it so hard for dirt to settle in and easier to keep your bathtub or washbasin clean. Learn more about our AQUASTONE® here.