How do I connect the bathtub to the drain?

Connecting the bathtub to the drain is little complicated. All you need to do is to properly prepare and follow the installation instructions.

First, place the bathtub in the desired location by moving it with the help of lashing straps. Due to its heavy weight, you will not be able to conduct this on your own, so it is advisable to have someone to help you (preferably 4 people in total). When the bathtub is in place, mark it out on the floor with a pencil. Put the bathtub aside and start preparing the water drain which should be located inside the bathtub shape marked on the floor.
CAUTION: the drain to the sewage system should be placed inside the shape, but not directly under the siphon, but at a distance of at least 10 cm. Fix the connector (rigid or flexible) to the drain secured beforehand – these elements can be purchased from a plumbing store. Place the bathtub on the installation site again – this time on special blocks (which come with FJORDD bathtubs). This will give you the space you need to connect the siphon to the previously installed connector. It is crucial that the bathtub is kept in an upright position during the entire process of installation. Tilting the bathtub may damage its edges. While the bathtub is still on the blocks, conduct a leakage test of the installation by pouring water inside and observing whether there is any water leaking underneath the bathtub. If everything is in order, carefully remove the blocks by lowering the bathtub to the floor (lashing straps can be used for this purpose). Now it is time to silicone the entire installation at the base, along the entire contour. And that's pretty much it… All that remains is to wait for the silicone to dry – allow at least 24 hours for it to happen.