Ramsa - a modern take on classic style

The modern bathroom is a result of the development of water and sewer systems, and the subsequent hygiene explosion. A hundred years ago or so, the bathroom became an important place in the home. And they were often better equipped than they are today. At that time, bathtubs started to be installed in them on a massive scale – usually placed against a wall or in a corner. And while the bathroom, its fittings and the materials used have changed a lot since then, the wall-mounted bathtub remains the most popular solution up to this day. 

The bathtub from our Ramsa collection is one such model. It represents a classic style, yet exhibits a contemporary twist and is ideal for bathing rooms. A wide shelf runs along one of its sides. It allows you to place the bathtub on the wall and in a corner, or to mount a mixer there – the most functional aspect of the bath tub. The shelf can also be used to display decorations, store cosmetics and bath accessories. And when your bathroom turns into a home SPA, candles or our favourite essential oils will find their place there, too. There is no easier and more accessible way to relax other than taking a bath accompanied by atmospheric light and soft music. Ramsa makes a soak a way more pleasant even for a couple having a bath, as the model’s narrow sides have been ergonomically shaped to provide comfortable support to the back. Complementary washbasin offered in the same collection exhibits the same functional and aesthetic design, too. This is both a countertop washbasin and a washbasin designed to be fixed to the wall. Its shelf can also be used as a place for installing a washbasin mixer, although you may also go for a concealed installation mixer. 

Both the bathtub and the Ramsa washbasin are made of our AQUASTONE® stone composite. This material keeps the water heated for a long time and is warm and velvety to the touch. We have also used drain caps of both these bathroom fixtures, which means you can match them with a bathroom mixer in any colour and style. You can learn more about the RAMSA collection here.