How to make your bathroom truly a home spa?

Today, the bathroom is more than just a space for care and hygiene. Today it is a place where we can recharge our batteries after a stressful day. However, it is difficult to relax in a soulless, purely functional room. What to do to make it a real home SPA? Just a few simple tricks. Here they are.

Bring the plants
Plants have soothing and regenerating properties. So invite green into your bathroom. This is in line with one of the most popular trends in interior design today - biophilic design. The proximity of flowers makes us feel better right away. If you are lucky enough to have natural light in your bathroom, your task is made easier. But in flower shops, you will also find a whole lot of plants that do not need too much of them. Just ask the seller.

Add a touch of comfort to your bathroom
If the area allows it, think about an armchair. This piece of furniture will help you add a touch of coziness to your bathroom. Especially if you put soft, comfortable pillows on it. Even if you don't always intend to jump in the tub for a long time, the armchair will help you breathe a little. It also has a practical aspect. After all, many beauty treatments are easier to perform while sitting.

Think about your feet
There is nothing more unpleasant than getting out of the tub and walking on a cold floor. That is why a perfect solution is a mat or an elegant bathroom rug. When looking for it in the store, choose thick and meaty. Nothing stands in the way of a larger rug in the bathroom. Why not! Such an addition will make it a real bathing room.

Bring in soothing light
Place candles in the bathroom. Their subdued light is very soothing, and the flickering of the flame is perfect for relaxation. A few candles, placed on the edge of the tub or a nearby shelf, will provide a pleasant atmosphere when you decide it's time for a longer bath. It's even better to choose scented candles. Warm, ambient light and your favorite aroma is a combination conducive to relaxation.

Bet on the scent
Essential oils are your allies in creating a sense of calm. You can pour a few drops directly into the bath water. Another way is to put them in a diffuser. A wonderful fragrance will spread around the room and put you in a good mood. The best scents are lavender and sweet orange because they relieve stress and remove anxiety. However, here we leave you free rein. Just trust your sense of smell.

Reach for bath salts
Essential oils promote relaxation. But you can also think of other ways to get yourself in a better mood. These are bath salts that give water and air a pleasant fragrance. If you put them additionally in small bottles or vials, they will become decorative accessories in the bathroom.

Choose your music
If you used to listen to the radio in the bathroom, it's time for a change. Usually, the music on the radio is too stimulating. And on top of that, those pesky ads and a torrent of sensational news. End of it. You go into the bathroom to relax. Therefore, the best solution is a portable speaker from which your favorite playlist will flow. But remember - music should be soft. Slower rhythms and calm sounds have been proven to slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.