Visual Harmony

Today, we don't think of the bathroom as a place where we pop in for a moment in the morning or evening. In a flash of the light, it has become as important part of our homes – similarly to the living room or the bedroom. Just like them, its main function is relaxation. Therefore, to create a home spa, the bathroom requires eye-catching objects. However, everyone likes a style that’s slightly different, and we all have various ideas regarding what a beautiful interior is all about.

That's why our collections of bathtubs and washbasins are designed taking into account many needs – yet, they all exhibit aesthetic consistency. Our offer features elliptical and organic shapes, arrowhead-inspired forms with more defined curves or those that refer to the iconic design of the smartphone. All of them share a subtle, universal design that suits any bathroom, whether you fancy classic, modern, boho or even industrial style. In addition, the bathtub and washbasin sets are a ready-made matches, freeing you from the need to search and combine the models independently. Click here to get to know them better and check which best suits the interior of your dreams.