Boho style bathroom? Why not!

Does a bathroom always have to resemble a sterile laboratory? Many people prefer cosiness and wish to retain it when it comes to their bathroom, too. Such individuals should opt for boho style which is colourful, charming and full of romance. To put it simply – it’s ideal for those wishing to create a home SPA.

Therefore, when decorating your bathroom in the boho style, use all inspirations there are. This style leaves space for experimenting, as boho is primarily all about eclecticism with dominating element being a mix of natural materials. There is a place for wood in rustic, stone, brick or various types of wicker braids finish. Ethnic themes representing different cultures fit in there perfectly as they can be mixed freely. Fancy natural plants, flower themes and patterns? Go ahead! A boho bathroom is a perfect place for such solutions. Do you own a big collection of souvenirs from your travels or just tiny details from the Baltic beaches? Shells, beautiful pebbles or amber? Use them to decorate the interior to make the bathroom look more diverse in style.

Boho is all about natural colours – especially earth colours and warm shades. Here, everything evokes the impression of cosiness. That is why fabrics work so well in the bathroom that’s arranged in this style. Heavy curtains can decorate the windows, and a patterned rug may find its place on the floor. A piece with an ethnic or classic Persian theme which can be reminiscent of a living room will work as well. And if you dare, you can completely get rid of terracotta or ceramic tiles in the whole interior, especially as modern materials certainly allow for such step. It is only important to stop thinking about the bathroom as a place dedicated only to hygiene, where you drop in for a little while a few times a day. The more the interior of the bathroom will resemble your living room or bedroom, the better. Boho is far from set concepts of sterility and strict minimalism. This is a great style to create a place where you will indulge in long, lazy rituals and unhurried care of your body.