Ideas for gray in the bathroom

1. Add color with accessories
Do you think gray is cold and clinical? Think again. This cozy bathroom design proves that gray is something else. This gray-brown color enhances the feeling of warmth, making it the perfect choice for cozy, light-filled rooms. Warm light grays add sophistication and can be very versatile. Use candles and colored accessories to add coziness and comfort.
2. Cozy country atmosphere
Give your bathroom a fresh new look with a bit of gray paint. The color is extremely evocative. Find out how paint is the key to determining the style, mood, and personality of your decorating scheme. Choose a dramatic gray shade for the wall and decorate it with bright and exciting accessories. The fashionable, medium gray, matt paint used here is a gentle contrast to the white bathtub.
3. Stay calm and clean
Gray is the shortcut to sophistication, so bring it up with an ethereal charm by pairing it with glossy white pieces and classic fittings and gear. Enter the subtle strokes of the pattern as shown on the polka dot shade. To create a cozy warmth, bring a few colorful accessories, in the color autumn shades.
4. Paint with light gray
A calm and elegant atmosphere in the bathroom can be achieved with soothing shades of gray and white. One of the hottest trends in interior design is the use of natural wood accents and textures. In combination with the gray walls, this striking combination comes to life. Don't be put off by sourcing salvaged wood - even damaged wood can often be restored to its former glory, and all traces become part of the patina of old age.