SENJA in the final of the Good Design (Dobry Wzór) competition

Good Design (Dobry Wzór) is the oldest and most prestigious Polish design competition. It has been distinguishing well-designed products for almost 30 years. The experts of the Institute of Industrial Design and the Jury consisting of independent specialists select the best design in over twenty categories. This year, 151 entries were evaluated. Our SENJA collection qualified for the top of the competition in the bathroom category.
The free-standing SENJA bathtub belongs to the category of smaller models and is 160 cm long. Therefore it is suitable for bathrooms of a typical size. It is also suitable for bathrooms where it can be effectively displayed. SENJA means beautiful design, but also comfort. It is ensured by ergonomically profiled backrests and an appropriate length, which provide stable support for the body, without the need to clasp hands or feet against the bathtub. This allows muscle relaxation, which is deeply calmed by the warm water. The SENJA collection also includes a countertop washbasin. Both are available in a glossy or matt finish. You can find out more about the line, which has become a Good Design (Dobry Wzór) finalist, here.
This year's edition of Good Design (Dobry Wzór) competition, under the auspices of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, had its final on 8 November. On that day also, the post-competition exhibition began in the seat of the Institute of Industrial Design at 5/7 Świętojerska Street in Warsaw, where the SENJA bathtub and washbasin in matte white finish could have been admired until December 12, 2021.