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The BOLSTAD bathtub and washbasin are an offering for small bathrooms.
Made of AQUASTONE® stone composite, the models reinterpret the shape of a classic bathtub.
Relaxation in the bathtub and its beneficial effect on our body and senses is not reserved exclusively for the owners of a large bathroom. Now, even those living in smaller apartments can enjoy the benefits of a home SPA. The BOLSTAD collection was designed specifically for such spaces.
Made of AQUASTONE® stone composite, the BOLSTAD bathtub and washbasin exhibit a pleasant texture. The sleek bathtub reinterprets the shape of classic models in a modern way. The collection's washbasin follows the bathtub form. All models are equipped with modern and exceptionally aesthetic waste cover caps made of the same material, which makes it possible to combine the bathtub with fittings of any colour. It should be emphasised that this solution is an exclusive FJORDD innovation for bathtubs.
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