FJORDD Collections
Welcome to the world of FJORDD bathrooms. Discover our collections of bathtubs and washbasins, their harmonious design, AQUASTONE® – natural stone composite, unparalleled ergonomics and comfort. Soon you will find out that a bath is the easiest and most pleasant way to relax your body and soul...
It is an invitation of lightness and freshness to the bathing room. Delicate, soft, streamlined shapes directly affect the harmony of the interior. Gentleness and subtlety make the bathroom look timeless and indeed promote relaxation.
It combines modern design and comfort to turn your home bathroom into a temple of relaxation. Streamlined shapes combined with incredible ease and ergonomics make this collection dedicated to lovers of unique solutions.
The BOLSTAD bathtub and washbasin are an offering for small bathrooms. Made of AQUASTONE® stone composite, the models reinterpret the shape of a classic bathtub.
Simple, harmonious bowl-like shape is what makes this line stand out. Bathtub and washbasin are made of AQUASTONE® stone composite.
Strongly-defined arches are the feature that is the focus of this collection; their shape has been inspired by an arrowhead. AQUASTONE® stone composite was used to create the bathtub and the washbasin.
You find the smartphone's shape iconic? This collection perfectly follows the looks of the device. AQUASTONE® stone composite was used to manufacture its bathtubs and washbasins.
Models you'll find in this collection have an elliptical shape and a signature shelf for accessories. Bathtub and washbasin are made of AQUASTONE® stone composite
The irregular shape derived from the world of nature came as this line's inspiration. Both the bathtub and washbasin are made of AQUASTONE® stone composite.
For FJORDD, bathroom is a combination of beauty, comfort and relaxation. The essence of beauty for the brand is its timelessness. Hence, our collections are simple in form, yet refined in detail. Comfort is delivered by bathtubs with perfectly adjusted length and ergonomically placed backrests. FJORDD stands for a bathroom designed as an intimate space for blissful relaxation.
FJORDD bathroom is a place that you experience with all your senses. Get to know our collections and our nature-derived brand philosophy.