New 2023! It is an invitation of lightness and freshness to the bathing room. Delicate, soft, streamlined shapes directly affect the harmony of the interior. Gentleness and subtlety make the bathroom look timeless and indeed promote relaxation.
Today, the bathroom is more than just a space for care and hygiene. Today it is a place where we can recharge our batteries after a stressful day. However, relaxing in a soulless, purely functional room is difficult. What to do to make it an authentic home SPA? Equip with a comfortable bathtub conducive to relaxation.
The bathtub from this collection is ideal for adding to the wall and low wall, and the washbasin is a soft and streamlined form. The bathtub and washbasin from the Sogne collection are a proposal for all bathrooms and are made of AQUASTONE® stone composite.

The collection introduces a feeling of lightness to the interior of the bathing room. Delicate, streamlined shapes give the models a harmonious appearance. The subtlety of the design will appeal to people who want the home SPA arrangement to gain a timeless character. Models from this collection are equipped with modern and exceptionally aesthetic outflow masks made of the same material (which allows you to combine the bathtub with fittings in any color) and an overflow guaranteeing safety and protecting against flooding. It is worth noting that this is an innovative solution by FJORDD in the case of a bathtub.
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