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We are particularly proud that one of our collections - SENJA - has been qualified by the experts of the Good Design competition to the final!

Organized by the Institute of Industrial Design, the competition is the oldest Polish design contest. It has been distinguishing well-designed products for almost 30 years.

On November 5, 2021, a gala will be held during which the winners will be announced. Keep your fingers crossed for SENJA!
Strongly-defined arches are the feature that is the focus of this collection; their shape has been inspired by an arrowhead. AQUASTONE® stone composite was used to create the bathtub and the washbasin.
Did you ever imagine a moment you entered your home and forgot about the whole world to immerse in a carefree soak? This may come true, if you allow yourself for arranging a home SPA. And in this regard, it's the SENJA collection that answers all your needs.
Made of AQUASTONE® stone composite, the SENJA bathtub and washbasin have a pleasant, sensory texture and signature, strongly defined curves. The shape of the bathtub was inspired by an arrowhead, and its large size and excellent thermal performance are an invitation for a long bath for the two of you. The washbasin, on the other hand, takes the form of a slightly flattened ellipse. Both models are equipped with modern and exceptionally aesthetic waste covers caps made of the same material, which makes it possible to combine the bathtub with fittings of any colour. It should be emphasised that this solution is an exclusive FJORDD innovation for bathtubs.
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