The brand came to being to respond to the need for harmony, peace and relaxation. It offers bathroom solutions that promote a more profound sensual experience. Our product collections were born out of innovative ideas, experience and passion. FJORDD turns your bathroom into a home SPA, where you'll forget about your everyday struggles.
FJORDD stands for bathtubs and washbasins designed and manufactured in Poland. Our products make several uniform collections constituting ready-made suggestions for architects and individual customers.

FJORDD collections bring a harmonious style to the bathroom and the highest ever ergonomics and comfort of use.
  • Marcin Jędrzak, D.A.
    Before we embarked to create FJORDD products, we'd asked ourselves what the role of the bathroom in our homes was, and how that affected the way we furnished it. Certainly, it is no longer just a place we visit in a rush. It has become a conscientiously-designed space that brings comfort and – at the same time – is pleasing to the eye. Therefore, the designs created for FJORDD are extremely ergonomic and unique. This has been achieved with AQUASTONE®, which is of high ductility, and a graceful material for the designer.
  • Witold Kasperkowiak, Ph.D.
    FJORDD is a concept of the bathroom as a whole. We provide our customers with a comprehensive experience that can be perceived with all the senses, turning an ordinary bathroom into a home spa. The quality of our products is ensured by the stone composite AQUASTONE®, which we have developed independently and a strictly-controlled manufacturing process. This allows us to develop new products, which will gradually complement the brand's portfolio.

AQUASTONE® in two-thirds is made of a mixture of various fractions of natural dolomite rock, bonded with resin and hardening agents. The result is an extremely malleable mass that can be formed freely and allows the creation of even the most sophisticated shapes with small rim thicknesses.

Made of a stone composite, FJORDD products are additionally enriched with a hydrophobic component. With structure that is far way smoother (when compared to other products made of comparable materials available on the market), the surfaces of bathtubs and washbasins are resistant to dirt and more hygienic.
The natural origin of the stone composite makes it completely safe for everyday use and retain its colour.


Washbasins that are made of the composite are lighter than those of traditional ceramics and maintain their realistic features. A remarkable advantage of a stone composite is also its thermal stability – water poured into a bathtub maintains its temperature for longer. The surface of products has a velvety texture that is pleasant to the touch and is fully repairable.
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