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Natural FJORDD colors in your bathroom
FJORDD bathtubs and washbasins are now available in nine shimmering colors. Each of them refers to Scandinavian nature, which is why we can find shades of gray, beige, and green symbolizing the colors of earth, rocks, precious minerals, and water. A subtle and elegant palette will allow anyone to create a bathroom that is unique in character.

Ph.D. Eng. Arch. Marta Buczkowska

creative director of the FJORDD brand
Why the color?
Color is life. The world devoid of colors gives the impression of a dead world, devoid of spirit, passion, and temperament. Color is the most intense stimulus that affects not only eyesight - it has its own smell, texture, time and sound, and individual symbolism. Colors are an inherent part of the language of our culture. We forgot about it - today we limit the function of color to that strictly visual, material in nature, and yet color in human life is also intellectual, it carries a message full of emotions, has its metaphysical power. Colors radiate energy that has a positive and negative effect on us, whether we are aware of it or not. Color is a visual impression, emotional expression, and construction full of symbolism.

… And that's why Fjordd introduced color to its tubs and sinks!
Color has a decisive impact on the aesthetics of interiors, it is natural for designers to use the language of color - the bathroom, as one of the most important rooms in our homes, does not lie outside its margins. And yet the bathtubs and washbasins have become permanent in our consciousness for years only in the white version. It's time to close this chapter and let them speak the language of color. That is why FJORDD introduces its full range of products in a new, colorful version. When composing our own palette, we pay attention to the rich color of the natural world - the world that is very close to the brand from the very beginning. Now, these relationships are additionally accentuated by the use of the colors of the pristine nature of Scandinavia, and the names of each of the colors are also Nordic.

What are the colors and where does the inspiration come from?
The direction of searching for a color palette among the colors of Scandinavian nature was instinctive for the FJORDD brand because nature is the source of its creation and design inspiration. When we talk about the harmony of colors, we imagine compositions of shades in a similar, well-composed tone. These colors compliment each other well, but not on the basis of sharp contrast, but harmonization that gives the right balance and symmetry of forces. Where to look for them, if not in nature? The vast majority of us, when completing home furnishings, also use subdued earth tones, which have a soothing effect, are timeless, and blend well with each other. This is also the case with the nine shimmering colors of bathtubs and washbasins in all FJORDD collections.

How to integrate a bathtub and a washbasin into the bathroom space?
Color means more opportunities to design a unique interior, create your own intimate space, and an opportunity to surround yourself with the aura we like best. We can match sanitary elements to the color of wall cladding to create a subtle, monochrome arrangement. In this
case, let's not be afraid to differentiate the colors of the bathtub and the washbasin as well - successful color mélanges are currently the latest trend in interior design. Another way is to accentuate the presence of bathing devices with the color. Then, patterns and textures in the room should be used with caution and skill. The wall coverings and the floor are then only scenery for the main roles of a colorful bathtub and a washbasin.
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