Sogne Washbasin 550
New 2023! SOGNE washbasins - available in two sizes. They perfectly match the bathtub's shape and are an extension of the style in the interior. They are designed to be mounted on a countertop, so their assembly is extremely simple. Two sizes are the choice and adjustment to both large and small bathrooms.
Technical data:

Netto weigh: 7.5 kg
Material: stone composite AQUASTONE®
Drain diameter: 46 mm
Color: white and a full color
Finish: glossy and matte
Why do customers love SOGNE?
There are numerous reasons why customers choose SOGNE bathtubs or washbasins. However, four of them are of the greatest importance.
  • Quality
    The highest quality of FJORDD products is confirmed by numerous certificates. It is a result of our advanced engineering, use of materials of European origin and boutique production. Quality is also guaranteed by the experience and professionalism of the brand's creators, true enthusiasts of our industry.
  • Design
    The collection was uniquely designed by an experienced designer. The bathtub and washbasin are harmonious, complementary products. They are also a ready-made fix and solution for your bathroom. Check for yourself how refined each product is and the many design possibilities FJORDD offers.
  • Ergonomics
    The collection exhibits carefully planned dimensions and proportions. The bathtub offers the most comfortable sitting position, i.e. with your legs slightly bent. The backrests are profiled in a way that could accommodate a couple taking a relaxing bath. FJORDD is a bathroom that is perfectly tailored to your and your family's needs.
  • Your own SPA ritual
    Taking a bath relaxes, recovers and reduces the risk of depression. The effects of a bath are similar to those you expect from a massage. At 36-38 degrees Celsius, water relaxes your muscles, improves their flexibility and reduces cramps and tension headaches. Create your own ritual to give your body and soul a rest. Improving your health and mood is the best investment.
Our products are easy to keep clean. Take advantage of our maintenance recommendation.
Minor damage, unlike in case of other materials, can be fixed easily with our repair kit.
Products were designed in a convenient manner that fit your body position and provide comfort.
Temperature maintenance
A remarkable advantage of stone composite is its thermal stability – water in the bathtub maintains its temperature for longer.
Modern-day design
Extremely malleable mass can be freely shaped and allows for the most sophisticated shapes with small rim thicknesses to be created.
It combines the natural advantages of stone and the utility advantages of modern materials, while eliminating their disadvantages.
Sophisticated design
Damage resistance
Ease of repair
Matte or glossy finish
Two-color finish
Thin walls
Natural product to the touch
Maintaining the water temperature
FJORDD's advantages
Safety for years to come
Subtle design of appliances that will never go out of style. Exceptional ergonomics and comfort will serve your family for years to come. And durable AQUASTONE® material is easy to repair, in case it gets damaged.
Individual approach
Design your dream bathroom with FJORDD. Choose your favourite shape. You can choose the bathtub model to accommodate the space you own and install the washbasin in one of the several ways possible.
Daily relaxation
With FJORDD, you can create your own private spa at home. An ordinary bathroom will become a place of relaxation for your body and senses. The result of beneficial rituals is to improve your mood and health.
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